City Scape Burnished 1 x 18 Tile

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Commercial or Residential, harmony in design is achieved through Questech’s expansive collection of coordinating finishes, metallic hues, and sizes. Perfect for high-impact installations or an elegant finishing touch to your kitchen, bath, living or commercial space.

Tile surfaces are protected by Q-Seal, a permanent sealer that is water and stain-resistant protects against abrasion, and features Ultra-Fresh® anti-microbial protection, which inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing mold and mildew. Q-Seal is factory-applied and never needs re-sealing. Stone or grout sealer inadvertently applied to the surface cannot penetrate or adversely affect Q-Seal. Simply wipe excess sealer off the tile.

Design Color Product SKU
1 x 18 Burnished Bronze TILE502002011
1 x 18 Burnished Brushed Nickel TILE502024011
1 x 18 Burnished Gold TILE502040011
1 x 18 Burnished Copper TILE502003011
1 x 18 Burnished Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze TILE514070003
1 x 18 Burnished Iron TILE502068011
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